We are a group of people who have a wide scope of interests and abilities and who have come from various social backgrounds. However, one thing we all have in common, and which is of primary importance, is that each of us have come to the point in our lives when we have discovered the reality of the love of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

The birth of Ebenezer took place in February 1896 when a number of teenagers from the Coatdyke area of Airdrie decided to form together as the ‘Coatdyke Gospel Band’.

Over the next seven years they met in various halls in the area until settling in a former church building in Kippen Street, Airdrie. It was decided to name the premises Ebenezer which means ‘the Lord has blessed us every step of the way’.

The current building on Aitchison Street was opened in February 1959.

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