Ladies Hour

Our Ladies’ meetings have been an integral part of church life since starting over 100 years ago. The female Members of the church saw a need for a Gospel work among women within the church as well as a need to reach out to those not attending church.

Down through the years, the work has not changed and we continue to share the Gospel with the aim of winning women for Jesus Christ.

We currently have seven committee members as below:

  • Nancy Logie
  • Betty Cameron
  • Margaret Siracky
  • Jean Logan
  • Betty Henderson
  • Karen Mackenzie
  • Anne Watt

We have around seventy ladies on the register with around 45% of those coming from other churches or with no other church links. For many of these ladies, this is the only church contact they have in their lives. Our average attendance is around forty but we have had as many as ninety-plus!

The Airdrie Ebenezer ‘Ladies Hour’ is held on Tuesday evenings in the Airdrie Ebenezer main church building and starts at 7pm.

Contact us for more information, visit our contact us page.

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