Rwanda trip Nov 2016 itinerary and prayer points

Published November 3, 2016 by Jeff in Overseas Mission

Prayer Points & Trip Itinerary

Thank you for your valued Prayers:-

  1. Safe Transport of our Luggage filled with Gifts from many Sponsors in Scotland.
  2. Solace Community at Rukemberi (over 250)
  3. Crop situation & Rainfall
  4. Orphans at Batsinda that they continue to develop: Health, Education, Family reconciliation & Faith (attending Cornerstone Church) & they sing as a Choir!
  5. John Best – that he has good health & enjoys the mission field of Rwanda on his first visit.
  6. Connor Patterson – that he see’s the love of Christ in the work that we do & learns of the Saviour & would trust in Him
  7. Travelling Mercies as Derek drives the Group around Kigali & the outlying villages.
  8. That Jesus Christ be Glorified thru’ our time spent with the people we encounter.


Friday 4th November:-

Arrival @ Kigali Airport on Flight No. KL1470 @ 19.20

Please arrange Transport from Airport to Solace

Check-In @ Solace Guesthouse.

Saturday 5th November:-

Morning Devotions & Breakfast

Money Exchange & Water @ Kigali Town Centre

Collection of Bibles from Bible Society

Visit to Batsinda Kids – Games, Songs & Message to Kids.


Sunday 6th November

Morning Devotions & Breakfast

Church @ Solace with Widows Group – Songs & Preaching

Visit to National Genocide Memorial

Milles Colline Hotel


Monday 7th November:-

Morning Devotions & Breakfast

Visit to Rukemberi

Meet with Community for Worship, Prayer & Bible Teaching

Meet with Builders re House Repairs/New Build Feasability

Visit Crop Fields for Feasability on Lake fed Watering System


Tuesday 8th November

Morning Devotions & Breakfast

Day @ Kigali: Meet Sponsor Children at Solace & visit Sam’s Great God-Son Ebenezer!

Batsinda Kids visit (time dependent)

Return to Airport @ 18.00


Rukemberi Visits

We would like to visit Rukemberi on the Monday & achieve the following:-

  1. Meet with the Community: Worship, Prayer & Fellowship.
  2. Meet with the Builder regarding the House Repairs.
  3. Meet with the Builder regarding additional New Homes.
  4. Discuss Electricity & Water Supply to the homes provided by Airdrie Ebenezer.
  5. Visit the Fields/Crops beside the lake, to assess possibility of Installing a Water Pump & Crop Watering System.


With Love in Christ,

Derek Patterson


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